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    I just patched my Pre for the first time in a few months (for whatever reason, it never installed 1.3.5 automatically - I finally had to do a generic Update run to get it to patch), and knowing an update was incoming, I deleted all my patches beforehand (never installed any Themes).

    Now, after repatching my phone back up again, I can no longer install or update any apps through the app store. Whenever I do so, it complains about how the install failed, and that I need to restart my phone. That does nothing (short of restarting my phone).

    I have the following patches installed (according to Preware):

    4x4 Icons v3 (with problems - see below)
    Add Date - MM/DD
    Battery Icon as Percent
    Call Duration in Call Log
    Capture with Volume Keys
    Character Counter
    Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Enable LED Notifications
    New Card per Convo
    Show Download Count
    Simple Shutter Sound Off
    Unthrottle download manager
    Diffstat (from WebOS)
    GNU Patch (from WebOS)
    Package Manager Service (same)

    One oddity when I was repatching this time around - WebOS completely failed on me. I use that to patch up my phone (instead of Preware, which I also keep installed), and this time around (with the newest version) it didn't want to update. I'd get constant connection errors between it and my Pre, and it seemed to have 'halfway' installed 4x4 Icons v3 as a result. So I used Preware to patch up my phone instead.

    Preware doesn't say I have 4x4 Icons v3 installed, and if I try to install it again, it errors out (something about how it can't modify the file because it's already modified). Could this be the problem? It's definitely installed (I can confirm that visually), but I can't do anything to mess with it (and can't delete it because it doesn't know it's there).

    I have very few apps installed, and nothing problematic that I can see as far as homebrewed software goes. I also have installed according to Device Information. Any suggestions (short of a total wipe and hope WebOS works this time around)? Thanks in advance.
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    Are you speaking about the Palm App catalog or the Preware Apps?

    See here on the App Catalog as I am having issues too.

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