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    too many problems, i might end up changing the phone. its ****ing me off
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    are you just replacing or getting something different?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtn View Post
    Good question. Since I am with my network on a pretty good deal which is SIM only I tend to buy phones on eBay, I've lost a bith on that side of things.

    From what I understand however, in UK the phone has to be unused to be able to return it...
    My bad, I think the 30 day option is a US thing. I keep forgetting there's foreigners amongst us now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtn View Post
    are you just replacing or getting something different?
    I might get a new phone, or i may replace it, but ofcourse sprint my chrage me Im not sure right now. I just bought a new battery before i've updated the 1.3.5. and and it was working really good, after the updates all hell broke loose, and its making me sick
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    With a majority of the post on this channel. I have had my pre for 6 months. Yes i have had to doctor it once. However i broke it, i fixed it. The quality of the phone is great no gripes. The slider feels good the screen sharp with little damage after constant use. The battery last a bit shy. However i use the hell outta my phone so i understand that. All in all i love my pre. I am sorry people feel otherwise. So be it. I wanna learn how to write programs and apps so that i may someday contribute to this community.
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    The tags for this thread is funnnnnny!
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    Still have my day 1 pre (US). I love it still as much as the day I got it and I'm nerd to the core with the technology. Sure there are other phones out there... go buy one of them and stop complaining. Thanks to the developers for keeping my interests peaked on a daily basis. In closing the only thing wrong with my day one Pre is from my own stupid a** cracking the edge of the screen because i was careless one day. Nevermore.
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