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    I have been fine all day since a by choice restart this morning. I have had zero problems, til I was writing about my 5th text today and used the F key, for the 3rd time that message.

    Not only did it keep hitting F rapidly on the text for no reason, but after a battery removal reset (as menus wouldn't work cause of constant input) it sent the message, with about 50 F's added from the original inputted one. It wasn't the keyboard, I tried to blow on it and jiggle the key- but on reset it was fine, even after hitting the F.

    What up with that?
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    so a battery pull made the software do something about it? Huh, my HTC Touch Diamond went longer before needing a batter pull and the phone was replaced in less than 6 months, as it broke.

    Edit: after the full restart, and the phone working, my pre was nonresponsible to getting the black screen to work upon going idle. It made me recall that this phone has been slow and laggy in the last few days, even when doing the most basic tasks.
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    Ithinkmyspacebarisstuckbecauseitisn'tworking.whatshouldIdo?Irebootedmyphoneanditstillhappens.Couldit bethehardware?*gasp!*MaybeIshouldusetheinteractivetestsandhavemyphonereplaced?
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