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    In Engadget's review of the Nexus one they had a speed comparison test between the 3GS N1 and the droid. All of the phones were pulling data over 3g on Verizon's network, loading engadgets home page. I decided to test my pre against the other phones and beat both android phones by a looooong shot over 3g and I am at college now in a rural area. I bet if I was using the 3g back home it would have possibly beaten the 3GS. I also tried it on wifi and beat the iPhone as well, although I realize this isn't a fair comparison. Note that where I am, Verizon has better coverage so I think the 3g test was pretty fair and if not then Verizon had an advantage if anyone did. Hurray for the pre!

    edit: I wanted to post a link so you could try it out for yourself and see if you get the same results but my post count prohibits me from doing so. If you wanna try this go to engadget and it shouldnt be too hard to find the N1 review.
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    I've noticed huge speed increases in web browsing with I'm in Canada and before the web browsing was acceptable but now it's really fast. I think it's great!
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    My co-worker got a Droid a couple of weeks ago. He just showed me yesterday, that it's now developing a serious lag when launching a program.
    It was worse than my Pre.
    I felt a little better.

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