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    I'm in a league with some friends for the Playoff Challenge. The web site itself works really well on my Pre except for the final step where I "select" the player I want to add to my team. I tried this on my iPod Touch and it works just fine. It seems like the iPod's browser loads the main site where you can view all the players (just like the Pre) but then when I hit the "select" button under the player I want, the iPod's browser gives me the loading symbol again and then my player shows up in the roster spot of my team. I'm guessing it's some sort of javascript? It's SO frustrating that it won't work on my Pre! I thought I'd be able to manage my team from anywhere since I have my phone with me at all times.

    Any one else doing the Playoff Challenge? If so, are you having the same issues on your Pre? Also, any ideas as to why this won't work on the Pre of fixes/workarounds?

    Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.


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    I'm sorry to say it but I believe the only fix for this would be to install the tweak "Iphone spoof agent" in the webos quick installer... This will make web sites think you have an iphone and they will display properly.. I have have it for a few weeks and and browsing is so much better with it!!

    if I helped ya let me know!!--------->
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    Well, I don't have any patches installed on my Pre. I'm just running mine stock. I'm a little hesitant to install Preware/homebrew stuff actually.

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