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    Didn't mean to be rude, but there has got to be a less intrusive way to apply patches for Web OS.
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    Hey chud311 thats pretty funny about it making them sick to their stomach
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    Am I getting this right? We don"t have to un-patch? Or is this a "@ your own risk kinda thing"?
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    Just updated w/out un-patching(theme and all). Took about 10 min. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks Shadavis08...
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    just updated without un-patching too. no problems at all after update. These are the installed packages that I have in preware:

    20 apps
    3 linux apps
    20 patches
    4 services
    1 theme
    7 unknown

    I only uninstalled 1 patch (Default to month view) before I updated but it went smooth and no damaged phone.

    watch out... Im not recommending to update with patches and themes installed! I was literally praying so my Pre wouldn't brick while updating. lol
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    I'm not complaining, actually kind of happy that it seems palm is on top of things. Just wondering if anyone knows or has a link to what it is that this latest update is supposed to address?
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    I believe this is a link for release notes.

    Palm Support : Palm Pixi for Sprint - Software update information for Palm Pixi Sprint p120eww

    I hope I did this correctly.
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    1. I updated with patches and themes and had no problems whatsoever.
    2. As someone who uses Exchange, and speaking for the other enterprise users, this was a necessary update if Palm wants to keep a business user consumer base. They already lost some enterprise customers because of the delay in implementing Exchange security (it was not in the original launch-day OS).
    3. WebOSInternals and Jason (WOSQI) are working together to allow all future updates to occur without having to remove patches.
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