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    Can anybody help me locate PDF viewer application on O2 GSM Pre ver 1.3.1?

    No icon to be found on launcher pages of my pre and no mention of its existence under default applications menu either, even though the phones user guide has a section dedicated to the topic of viewing PDF files..

    Has anyone else out there got this issue?
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    In fact it isn't in the installed applications section, but isn't it on the same page as youtube and app catalog??
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    You have to call O2, have 3 or more bars of signal,spend about an hour to erase the phone and bring it back to factory settings. Or you can wait until you get the 1.3.5 update and it gets reinstalled. At least that's how it worked in the USA with Sprint.
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    Thanks for the quick responses.

    I think i'll wait until O2 gets webOS or the UK freezes over, whichever is quicker..
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    It's on my launcher. Top of the second page.

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