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    When texting, it used to automatically split up the messages if you went past 160 characters, and it no longer does that. it just lets you keep typing and then tries to send it as one whole message, and then gives you an error that it didn't send. i'm getting so frustrated with this phone lately with all the crap it's doing that i am ready to get rid of it. i constantly get errors that i have too many cards open when there isn't even one open. my speed dials are screwy. if i try to call someone it randomly picks numbers from my phone book to call. then i'll go back to check if it's set right and it is. it shuts itself off randomly. the slider is really loose and starting to do the oreo cookie thing. i just don't want to put a bunch more money into a phone yet!
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    wow, you are having a slew of problems. my apologies. have you tried doctoring it?
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    Doesn't happen to me.
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    Mine splits.
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    wow man! that's a lot of issues. have you tried the doctor? if so, and it operates that way after a fresh doctoring and no patches, maybe it's a hardware issue? this is the first i've heard of the problems you mentioned.
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    Not having that issue with messaging here on
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    Yes try the doctor, and/or just reset the phone to factory settings and format everything, You probably had a bug that botched all updates and you continue to have a messy system until you delete everything and start all over... kinda like windows pre-7.

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