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    OK... I tried installing the VK patch about 2 months ago, it did not install.... last month i decided to try again and the patch was not available through WQI... after 1.3.5 install, SUCCESS removed all patches and themes to install VK says already installed, look @ the Keyboard tab in WQI, options are still checked for style and feedback...

    Today, did EPR removed theme and patches, try'd to install VK first, error, already installed, installed all patches no errors

    Anybody else with this issue
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    yeah it happened to me. easy fix: just go to webosqi and install the obsolete VKB, then go into preware and install the virtual keyboard patch in there. worked for me. also, there are a few threads about this within the first couple of pages here...

    this is one:
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    Can you tell me how to install virtual keyboard on my palm pre? Im having a struggle with this. thanks...

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