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    The building where I work has no sprint signal. However, it has AT&T and Verizon. I have my phone set to Auto for voice, and I get the "R" roaming symbol.

    So does anyone know why I can't recieve calls, but can make a call without a problem and have a very clear connection while on the call? Is there a setting somewhere?

    My daughter tried to call and it went straight to voicemail, never rang. I tried it frokm my work phone and same thing. But I could call out with no problem.
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    I had this same problem recently. While vacationing in an area of poor Sprint coverage I set my phone to "Roam only" to save battery, but most incoming calls went straight to voicemail. Very frustrating.
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    I have been using roam only for a while now, and I just realized all my calls go straight to voicemail. after playing phone tag all day, I decided to test it when I got home, put it in roam only, and called from my house phone, it went straight to voicemail... this sucks because i need this patch while at work!

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