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    Just wanted to know what you guys think, I feel its not good that every other carrier is getting the Nexus one. Does anyone know why Sprint didn't get it as well....I'm not even saying I want the phone I'm very happy with my Pre and the potential it just seems weird to me. Any opinions??
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    whoops bad grammer in the heading......
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    hah grammar
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    I thought it was going to Tmobile and Verizon only.
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    I thought it was only GSM.
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    yeah, AT&T is out in the cold too. Though technically, you could buy an unlocked one and throw an AT&T SIM in there, though if I understand correctly, you'd be stuck on EDGE - the N1 doesn't work on the right frequencies.

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    You can also buy it unsubsidized and use it on AT&T, though it only works on their EDGE network so I don't really see the point.

    Perhaps an unlocked CDMA version will come out that can be used with Sprint once they release it on Verizon.

    Edit - Yes, what kuoirad said.
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    sprint won't activate a phone that is not on their list of serial numbers
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    It will be released officially on Tmobile and Verizon (in the spring). Technically you could use the Nexus One on AT&T sans the 3G. I think the Nexus One is a nice device but it isn't really earth shattering. It looks like a bigger more powerful Hero. The Android handset alliance has many members and I am sure if Sprint is committed to the Android game they are already working with their vendors to offer up some new devices that will no doubt rival the Nexus One in the future. Personally I am waiting to see what Palms big news is at CES. I am hoping for a new device that will garner some much need positive press and public interest. Just my 2 cents.
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    I totally agree that I hope Palm has some good news I dont want them to fail...I feel like our Pre is starting to gain steam especially with all the wonderful work and discoveries of WebOs internal team bringing us Doom and Quake.
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    N1 isn't much better than Droid anyway.

    wireless users dont change phones or carriers very often, the hyped over N1 will be over in couple of months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    N1 isn't much better than Droid anyway.

    wireless users dont change phones or carriers very often, the hyped over N1 will be over in couple of months.
    Yep, I'd have to agree with this. It does look sexy as hell but that UI still has the sex appeal of the interior of a 1980's station wagon. Also, no true multi-touch? Seriously? This phone should have EVERYTHING.

    Most reviews I've read so far say that it's not much different than the Droid. No physical keyboard? ANdroid OS 2.0.1 is not much different than Android 2.1 other than a few tweaks to their photo app and few other things.

    It's a nice phone nonetheless and Sprint could gain some by offering one if they had a CDMA version of it but looks like only VZ and T-Mobile along with Europe will be getting it.

    Hope Palm has something up their sleeves for CES-2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiijedi View Post
    whoops bad grammer in the heading......
    What else is new?
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    I would never buy an android phone with out multi-touch.

    I'm sorry, i can forgive no pinch to zoom and stuff....but games and virtual keyboard are unnecesarily hampered because of it.

    If HTC can do it I don't know why phones with the "Google Experience" can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Hope Palm has something up their sleeves for CES-2010.
    Yes, this is key. Now that the N1 (with all the hype, doesn't matter right now how great it is) will be going to Verizon, Palm might not want to make their expansion to Verizon the focus of their announcement.
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    What would be good news for Sprint is not an android phone but teaming up (once again) for an exclusive webOS version counterpart with 4G. Except do it right this time :P No plasticy feelings. No playing with itunes. No 6 months (longer). Act like verizon with the marketing.

    Save the plus versions for verizon but keep Sprint your buddy Palm.
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    in reference to the "what happens when Palm goes under" thread:

    I think Sprint will fold before Palm. Their push for the Pre has been pathetic. They aren't getting the best new phones. However, Sprint already has their advertising setup with the 3 smartphones they are pushing. Adding a 4th would muck that up. If the rumors are true Vz looks to have an impressive lineup later this year w/ their current BB and Droids, plus Iphone and Pre on the way
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    I wasn't too impressed with it either. I was expecting alot more from HTC and Google. The lack of HTCs SenseUI is a bit of a shocker too because imo that's the way Android should look on all devices. Sure it has a Snapdragon processor but from the initial reviews it doesn't seem much faster than Droid and certainly not as snappy as the Snapdragon HD2 with WinMo. Lack of Multitouch is also a concern. All smartphones these days should support Multitouch in one way or another. All in all it's just another overhyped phone bringing nothing new to the table.

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