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    Is there a way to confirm that while I'm browsing the web my Pre is using the WIFI connection and *not* the EVDO (or other cell) connection??

    The wifi icon is showing connected - full 'bars' - shows my SSID/network name, but the response times are just HORRIBLE! Here are some results from

    Pre WIFI connected

    100KB test - 355 kbps

    500KB test - 178 kbps

    Pre EVDO (Turned wifi off - Ev icon shows 3 bars)

    100KB test - 400 kbps

    500KB test - 228 kbps

    Laptop (wireless - same network/router)

    2MB test - 1923 kbps

    I would think that my Pre should get at least close to the same results as my wireless laptop - shouldn't it?? If anything, it looks like my Pre gets slightly worse speeds when wifi is connected vs EVDO!

    Router is a D-link DIR-655 N. I'm using static IPs instead of DHCP and using WPA for the security.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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    What wireless mode have you set on the router? G, N or both?
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    You could verify by trying to load a local webpage instead. Like the router's admin page. It will either load (meaning you are on wifi), or not.
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    You can turn off data in the phone app then turn on WiFi. If you can load a page, then it's definitely WiFi.
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    Take a look at this patch for download speeds on wifi:
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    same site, I'm getting

    220 kbps on evdo

    4022 kbps on wifi
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    Wow!! ID 10T error!!

    Thank you for all of the suggestions! came up on the phone - so then I went ahead and turned off data usage - hmmm.. nothing loads...

    Quadruple checked my network settings - my gateway was set to - instead of 192 Unbelievable how long I've been running w/ my wifi all jakked up!! Talking since launch day!!

    NOW I'm getting 2649 kbps on the 500KB test! Much much better!

    Thanks again for the help - it forced me to take a closer look.

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