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    Yes, I started that with a K, because this is so silly.

    When I have an event in my calendar and I want to change the duration, or I guess, more appropriately, change the start time, often the end time changes to some wacky time that usually switches PM for AM, and often switches the event to end the next day. It takes lots of strategic/random finageling of start time, end time, end date, and lots of AM/PM changes to finally get the duration I want, without an extra 12 or 24 hours. I'm sure others have experienced this since it doesn't seem to be a "bug" or "error" just a difficult way of implementing logic in the calendar.

    Does anyone have techniques for relatively stress-free calendaring?

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    surpising the calendar is the worst thing on the pre. Aside from the synergy feature. I use google calendar via the pre web browser. Google calendar is fast and easy to make changes to existing events. There is also an agenda view.

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