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    It would be a nice thing to have.
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    i wish the pre could do put live wallpapers thats super cool and for the battery draining problem just buy that extended battery thing they have...i had that on multiple of my phones it really cool so i hope they have that soon on the pre
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    I agree that it would at least be entertaining even if just for a day or so. I'd be interested if anyone were to actually get it to work
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    being able to add that would be tremendous, for the user's that dont want it... Don't add it... duhhh

    i'd probably switch mines back and forth like i do my wallpaper anyway...
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    Live wallpapers would probably be a good fit for the Webos since the homescreen is pretty much empty until you have cards opened up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    If Palm needs to re-jig things under the hood, so to speak, then how is the Pre fully capable of doing it right now? Those sound like contradictory statements.

    Genuine question. And thanks for the info you've already provided, BTW...
    For example, webOS could forward text messages before Palm provided that menu. Same difference. While you could display an app behind Cards, someone needs to write those instructions, Palm needs to tell the OS to do that, right?
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    A trick like this would be nice, and can be done with animated gifs.
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    The female presenter for Palm at CES mentioned widgets among other capabilities that could be done using their new development tools. Having an option to assign "home" scene cards that could include widgets would be nice. In fact being able to manipulate the scene that's used while charging on the touchstone would be great too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sumitkishore View Post
    A trick like this How to Make Moving Pictures (Just Like Harry Potter!) Photojojo would be nice, and can be done with animated gifs.
    GIFs are very low quality and would be unacceptable for this feature, in my opinion.
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    OMG that's a horrible feature. Not only would that eat more battery life...but that would get old fast. Remember when Vista had "Live Wallpapers" or whatever the furrupbup it was called?

    I tried that out for all of 2min, got disoriented, said screw this...and deleted that feature. So no you can't do this on Palm...and this feature best NEVER come to light on the Pre/Pixi either.
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    ... dunno why, but I really, really like the look of the "hidden" black analog clock interface (released by "Enable Hidden Clock" patch ) would be great for this...

    (would include image, but only have 7 posts!)

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