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    I was having some issues installing some apps and patches so from what I could read on the forum, I need to make sure that I have the latest Preware and Package Manger installed. So I deleted Preware and Package Manager using Preware. I then used WebOs Quick Install to re-install both. Here is the question or comment. WebOS Quick Install under "Device Management" states that I have Preware Ver 9.12 installed and Package Manager Ver 9.29 installed.

    When I use Preware to check the Installed packages it shows that Package Manager Service Ver 9.25 is installed. I am assuming that WebOS Quick Install is smarter than Preware concerning version info. Any comments??
    Palm Pre OS 1.4.5 500/1000 MHz--Provider:Sprint
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    Technically they should be the same since they should look at the same data, but I would personally believe Preware over Quick Install.

    Preware is at version 0.9.12

    but I can't find the actual version of Package Manager.

    If the two are reporting different numbers something could be installed wrong. Unless you start seeing problems though you really shouldn't worry about it, could be a small bug reporting the wrong version.
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    I had the same problem after 1.3.5 update. WebISQI showed 9.27, however it was conflicting the version shown in Preware or App Catalog (under installed apps). As I was having some issues with re-appearing deleted apps, I had to doctor it to 1.3.5. Ever since the doctoring, the versions in both WebISQI and Preware matched.

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