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    I damaged (cosmetic only) my original Pre and got a replacement through insurance but have been hesitant to activate the new phone out of fear that I will lose data, etc.

    I'm about to get dinged $300 by Asurion for not sending back the old phone so I have to do something right away.

    Any words of encouragement or advice are greatly appreciated.

    I'm going to grab all of my photos via USB download to my computer but don't know of anything else that I can actually grab. Assuming I have to rely wholly on my Palm profile for the rest.

    What about apps like Mileage Monitor? Will that data (past fillups) come over?

    I have bought a half dozen or so paid apps which I assume I can download/install for free from the App Catalog on the new phone since they were previously paid for.
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    set your old pre into airplane mode and disconnect any wifi. that way you can activate the NEW pre and still use WOQI and any other tools availble that are necessary to retrieve any missing files. when thats done send back the old pre

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