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    I used to be aggravated with the volume and now it seems OK
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    Are you asking if it's louder since 1.3.5?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Capré View Post
    Are you asking if it's louder since 1.3.5?
    I believe the question may have been about since that just hit last night.
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    In general, since launch day.
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    maybe you can just hear better now
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    At least for me it is after the 1.3.5
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    Ever since I received my new pre I can barely hear on it. Any suggestions? I have all of the volumes turn all of the way up yet I can bearly hear on it.
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    Get a bluetooth or a hearing aid....or that hearing aid that looks like a bluetooth that they are selling on the infomercials.
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    Ever since 1.3.5, my Pre's earpiece s louder, (and crackily,) and the speaker is louder in Pandora as well.
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