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    I bought my phone in O2 shop in Berlin while ago. Unlocked / no contract. I am afraid I don't have any insurance.

    I thought that problem happens to other people, but my screen has broken. I have no evidence whether it was squeezed in pocket or it was manufacturing problem.

    I found same similar stories :

    Palm Pre Screen Cracked - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Community

    Has anyone tried to claim "broken screen" to O2 ? Unlocked phone ?

    I live in Croatia - anyone has experienced "remote" replacement ?

    If I need to pay both shipment to/from Croatia and phone repair, I'm afraid that it could be more expensive than new phone ?


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    The bad news:

    This depends on how long ago you bought the phone - if you have had it a few months and you have no insurance cover then I don't think O2 would replace it for you. If it has been less than 7 days they may replace it (if you have a receipt).

    The good news:

    Palm should have a manufacturer's warranty that might cover you for the first year - you might have more luck contacting them and asking them to replace it.

    If you haven't dropped the phone or actually caused or witnessed a break due to something you or someone else did then you must assume that it is faulty hardware. I don't think that in typical 'every day use' the phone's screen should crack from just being in your pocket - so long as you're not aware of any particular incident (like falling down the stairs etc) that would have cracked it.

    You will need your receipt as proof of purchase and date of purchase. It's worth a try, anyway.

    Good luck

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