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    my touch screen on my pre isnt working... i preformed a webOS restart.. but it didnt work...
    now my phone isnt activated but it also doesnt o into usb mode even when i press the Orange sym an u button

    i have important files on my pre an i need to get them off..plz help
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    same happened to me... twice... when you click just restart you would think it would give you access to the USB otherwise whats the freakin point!!!
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    so am i S.O.L (**** out of lucc) .. or is there a way to do it
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    well to tell you the truth.. The first time I assumed I pressed the wrong button.. So I never contacted palm.. (I had backed up almost everything a few nights before. Now when I switch I set airplane moode first activate and than backup everything.
    I hope there's a way. One thing I was thinking about is if there's a way to permanentl set the pre to DeV mode ON and than send a patch to automatically set it as a USB drive when connected. Or better yet send a command to the phone to just set it as a usb drive by default

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