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    I need a little help here. Actually, I need a LOT of help here. Since the latest upgrade I've been having two main problems. I know there is a thread on the rebooting / shutdown problem, but can't find it using the search here. Here we go.

    My phone won't shut down or restart since the latest Sprint upgrade. Tried the EPR and the Migration Helper, neither fixed the problem. No, I didn't uninstall my patches or apps prior to the upgrade, which would have been nice to know PRIOR to the upgrade.

    Also, when I use WQI to just update a tweak to kill the stupid charging sound, I get an error. Actually, when I try and do ANY patches, I get errors. When I use the "Device Managment" option, nothing shows up at all in WQI under applications.

    Also, WiFi suddenly doesn't connect unless I specify an IP address for it and my router.

    I'd try the WebOSDoctor, but god only knows what THAT will do. I only have a dozen or so apps installed, all homebrew, and I don't want to lose them. A few have gone PAY versions and I like them the way they are.

    Whew, there ya go. Any suggestions? If ya need more details, I can provid them, but didn't want to put you to sleep with all the crap. Thanks!!
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    I hate to do this, but I just saw that there are 3 friggin more updates since 1.3.5. I don't know if any of them will fix anything, but I'm installing them now. Oh, and I have a theme installed. Can't uninstall it prior to the updates since the WQI ain't working right. Wish me luck!
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    Update to did not help. Says no other updates available and my phone is up to date. Problems all still exist. Is anyone gonna give this a shot?
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    the only two things you can do are : a) wait for webos repair utility to be updated and run that on your phone , it will fix your issues most likely . B) look for webos doctor and run it on your phone. It will put your phone back to factory specks . But if 1.3.5 is not out yet you will have to use 1.3.1. And then update phone with update app on phone and then replace all patches and homebrew apps. Its your choice.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Is there a specific version of WebDoctor I should look for, one for a specific update version? If so, anyone know where I can find it? Again, the Search for WEBOSDoctor gives me 2 pages of results, many with threads of over 100 pages. Thanks in advance!

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