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    Since 1.3.5 I have been missing email notifications, lots of them. Its a gmail account and I know others have noticed as well. I have yet to go to and may disable the update as I don't even use the calendar so I dont want to mess with my patches and stuff. However anyone notice an improvement or change in the email notifications? Anyone still missing the alerts? I missed 7 today. 7!!!!
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    Missing email notifications went missing with the 1.3.5 update and was reported by myself and many others.

    The missing notifications is annoying but arguably not worthy of an immediate fix like the Exchange calendar issue.
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    I have the same issues I have an exchange and gmail account and while I get the sound notification the screen does not wake on receipt of email as it did before.
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    No need to bump this has been discussed in lots of other threads. It's a known bug, hopefully it will be fixed in the next firmware update

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