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The 6 months probably didn't help though. Palm sort of assumed that everyone already knew what WebOS was, and went with those crazy nonsensical ads. I really think people needed a reminder of what WebOS is really capable of (not to mention the other 90% of people who didn't pay attention to CES in the first place), and Palm didn't provide that.
You're right.

Palm blew everyone away at CES last year... then the Pre was released... and the mass market heard nothing about WebOS... the commercials with that crazy lady sucked so bad.

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palm and pre fans hate hearing this but its true, palm has blown their momentum and excitement..for the moment. they can gain it back but frankly, I don't think they will...I hope they will but they aren't.

the people are right, there are too many "common" features missing. The iPhone was the exact same way. the difference with the iphone was that there was no competition and the iPhone had the touch screen which was new and iPod functionality. The Pre has nothing to make up for the missing features
I know the iPhone and Android were not "full-featured" when they were released, but nobody wants to wait six months to a year for features. Especially simple, vital features like voice dial and camcorder.

I still can't believe I own a phone that DOESN'T have voice dial or a camcorder.