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    I use paid version of Tweed. i use this App more than any other on my Pre. They are good about updating with new features all the time.
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    I use twee (the free version). My best experience so far: I'm following palm, i had a problem, sent a dm, had an answer in a couple of minutes from them
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    I hve used and paid for Twee and Tweed and cannot seem to make up my mind on which is better. I like Tweeds timeline marker, good for when I go to sleep and then in the morn I can pick up where I left off very easily...But I like Twee's layout, color and basic functions better. So to each his own. For now I will keep both on till one is updted to perfectly meet my needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    Cool thanks, but really what is it? is it just a blog that you can follow different people and companies?

    It can be fun, you can keep up with what's going on with almost anything your interested in. I have a of different news sites that I like to follow, and if you find something that you think is important you usually can tweet it and give the article a wider viewing audience. As an example how many people knew the TSA had an 8 year old kid on there watch list and that the kid had been on there watch list since he was 2 yr. old. I saw the article and tweeted it. I tweet any comments, or ideas, or opinions that might be interesting to who ever might be interested. I don't really think or even care if anybody's reading them or not. I use Twitter mainly to follow and keep informed of things I'm interested in. Until I started using Twitter I thought that all of this social networking sites were stupid, why would anybody care what I was doing at that point in time, well after using Twitter for a while I still think that nobody cares what I'm doing at that point in time but there's a lot more uses/reasons I've found why I like twitter. Go get an account and see for your self, that's what I did, you can always delete/close the account if you don't like using it, it's all free.
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    I also use paid Tweed. I had the free one to start and bought it when the app first came out of beta. I tried Twee later, but Tweed just WORKS. The notifications are native--just like getting an email. It now has LISTS and Landscape view. I can have one card just for DMs and one for my main page. It supports new and old rt style. It's awesome.
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    Myself I prefer TWEE - I liked TWEED though because I could add multiple accounts, however during a reset "fix" by the sprint store my free TWEED disappeared to never be recovered and there is nothing I need on the paid versions to make me pay for it lol

    As far as "What Twitter is" - the creator was sitting on his computer and had an epiphany as he saw his friends status's change on his messenger service. Such as "getting coffee, in the shower, running errands" - he thought why not share our "status" with a larger group of friends ... through text messaging. It has since evolved into so much more than just broadcasting our "status" - its become a new social networking format, as well as business marketing tool
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    I'm very partial to the paid version of Tweed. I've used both spaz and twee, but I kept coming back to Tweed for the interface.

    As far as Pre people to follow, I tweet alot about the Pre, but here are some other folks to follow: @vara411, @precentral, @PalmPreLawyer, @JayCanuck @webosdev, @Blayze04, @palmdoc, @Pre101, @dkdsgn (derek kessler), @backlon (Dieter Bohn),
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