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    ok so my pre felt like it was gunna die. The screen was oreoing so bad it wobbled, and when I shut the slider the phone would turn off about 2 out of 3 times. I babyed this thing. I was mad. It slid out of my pocket when I was bringing my clothes up from the basement, hit two steps then fell 7 feet onto the concrete basement floor. I was soooo upset. I baby it so much its annoying and I just destroyed it. I put my head down, carried my clothes up, put them down, grabbed a flashlight and went looking under the staircase.... And suddenly it rang, lit up and I answered it! Had my call and closed it, and it didn't turn off! Even more amazing, there is no wobble anymore, the slider is right! It has a tiny marr just above the tab on the top left of the face, right where the screen protector doesn't protect, on the skinny part. Works perfect though, well actually better than before! Guess the old way of fixing the scolling tv does work, ''just give it a wap!'' lol
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    nice lol
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    hahahaha sweet!!! this reminds me of when i was younger if my gameboy games wouldnt work id huck em against the wall and vuala worked just fine! lol congrats on the working phone lol!!!!!
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    Give him a.... WOOOOT!!!! WOOOOOT!!!
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    I have to congratulate you, not only on your phone still working, but that it didnt land on its screen and tear up that mother... My phone slipped outta my lap onto the concrete screen first(from about 3 measly feet), leaving me with a nice mark right in the middle of of my precious touch screen... I wont baby this pre until a replacement is called for.

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