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    It does not boot and is stuck on the palm logo, what are my options?
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    I would try a battery pull for 2-3 mins, the put that bat back in a try to restart...if that doesnt work (I had that happen a few times and a battery pull fixed it). You might wanna go ahead and use the WebOS Doctor.
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    1. pull the battery try again
    2. webos doctor
    3. sprint or palm support
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    Which Palm logo? The glowing one or the first one that pops up?

    I have this issue every once in a while. I just keep pulling the battery until it comes up. I also noticed when I put my Touchstone cover on AFTER the phone is booted it will sometimes freeze up. Probably has to do with the Touchstone cover metal contacts that charge the batter.

    Hope this helps.
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    After the 1.3.5 update (as well as, I've had several instances of this happening including right at this moment:

    1. The phone is working fine, but the next time I take it out of the case or pick it up, it refuses to light up whether by pressing the power button or opening the slider.

    2. Pulling the battery for a while, replacing it, and then pressing power brings up the Palm logo, but it'll sit there forever and never actually boots.

    3. Pressing Orange+Sym+R brings up the black circle "eye" and then the Palm logo comes up. Unlike before, it eventually starts doing the pulsing glow and eventually comes back online.

    I haven't had any of the usual complaints with my Pre - loose battery, Oreoing, bad screens - and don't have any hacks, themes or weird stuff on my phone; a handful of free apps and homebrews installed via FileCoaster that was installed with WebOS Quick Install.

    It sucks to have the phone die without warning and then require several minutes of disassembling the phone and double rebooting. Is the cause something with the hardware of my phone or a software glitch?
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    had two pres do this at the exact same time. me nd my moms side by side. Made me mad but after i pulled the battery twice they booted up

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