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    mess up some of my patches etc if i use it to "restore all"?

    im trying to get some of the left over theme out so i can actually install a proper one....

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    Can't webos quick install remove all themes and patches?
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    web os quick install says i have a theme installed that i do not

    thats the problem
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    do u gave the current 1.3.5?? if so .. what repair are u using??
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    no 1.3.1
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    Try these in this order:
    1. Emergency Patch Recovery in WOSQI
    2. WebOs Repair Utility
    3. WebOS Doctor
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    ive been running the webOS repair utility for a bit now

    but what does the emergency patch recovery do? and where do i get it
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    It removes all patches. I think it removes themes too, but not sure. It's in WebOS Quick Install. I'm not sure if you can use the newest version since it was made for 1.3.5...

    If that fails to fix your problem, then it looks like it's up to the Doctor.
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    i just want to uninstall all theme related things, it says they are there, but i cant see them, and im not going to doctor my phone just cause i cant install a theme.....

    has to be another way
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    also when i go into webos quick install, it says i have the theme installed, but its not there, so when i try and revert back to default

    the box changing theme comes up

    says pls wait this will take a few min to complete

    but it does nothing
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    I'm having the same EXACT Problem. except i have 1.3.5 .. and the repair is not available yest and I refuse to Doctor my phone.

    If I were u (since u can use the current WebOS repair) I would do the emergency patch repair from either Preware or WebOs Quick install.. to make sure all patches are out.. then I'd do the Repair .. to be safe.

    Le me know how it goes.
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    you have to keep with WOSQI until it gets it. It will eventually. maybe reboot in between WOSQI tries. ( This has happen to me on a number of occasions.

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