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    I am waiting for my preplacement phone to come in the mail.

    I used bodyguardz skin and was pleased with it. I know there are a few choices out there and since I will have to order one soon, just thought I'd ask if there is a better one than bodyguardz from someone who has experience with this brand and any others.

    $14.95 is the price for 2 front skins (I do not need a back one since I like the one from the touchstone)
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    i am using one made by palm. I found it at radio shack it only covers the display but i like it and it was only 12 bucks for 3 of them. Im like you i like the flat black the touchstone comes with.
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    Lots of threads on this, lots of opinions. Everyone has their preference but if you do some research here, I'm pretty sure you'll find that PhantomSkinz is the most preferred.

    After reading up on the different options, I went with the PS and am duly impressed.

    Whatever you choose read and follow ALL instructions; you can't just peel & stick any of them.

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