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    After installing a few advanced applications such as My Tether and quake, I can no longer update my applications or download applications from the app catalog. Has anyone had this problem? I have tried rebooting several times.
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    I thought I read somewhere that My Tether and Quake were incompatible and you shouldn't install both at the same time....
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    I had the same issues (could not update or download apps from the App Catalog). I was able to fix it by doing the following:

    1) Go to Forums
    2) Under "Palm Pre Devices and Accessories", click on "Palm Pre".
    3) You will get a page that has links. Select "Official webOS 1.3.5 Issues".
    4) Then choose "webOS 1.3.5 issues".

    The directions you get will fix your apps issue. It fixed mine and now all is good>

    Good Luck!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

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