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    Well the new Pre arrived and was activated by Sprint no pblm. I signed into my profile and the and the apps moved without a hitch. I thought wow this is going to be easy.

    BUT WAIT I opened the apps and all the information I had in the old pre did not move is this normal?

    Sprint said do not turn on the OLD (CRACKED Screen) Pre for 24 hours any one know why?

    When I do turn on the old PRE will the information be in the apps on it? That will be to good to be true.

    Is this information lost for ever?
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    Unfortunately, backup of app data is the responsibility of the app and/or owner, and they didn't really provide ready-made way of doing so. If the app doesn't sync with something, the data is left on the old phone. Palm profile does not back up downloaded app data (or much else). You may be able to get the data via usb, but that's not a guarantee you can just restore it, as from what I've read, db filenames are device specific.

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