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    Had to get a replacement Pre from Sprint. My Question is how do I get my info and apps onto the new phone. Thanks for your help!
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    When you get the phone, make sure it's active on your Sprint Account. Login to your Palm Profile when it asks you to.. Choose Existing Account. Put your email and password in. It should automatically grab your information from the Palm Cloud.
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    This is not always true...@ NitOxYs: This is my 3rd pre and Im on the forum to find a way to make sure my palm profile copies itself to the phone. Last time (my 2nd Pre) I did exactly as you stated but it didn't work.
    I could've sworn that I saw somewhere here that you should activate the phone to your sprint acct as you said but pick new account...when you enter new acct make sure you put in a diff email not the normal one you have for your palm profile!, this is to make sure the phone is on the latest WebOS (1.3.5), BUT ONLY IF YOUR PREVIOUS phone was on the lastest webOS!!!
    Once the new pre is updated to the new webOS (BUT ONLY IF YOUR PREVIOUS ONE WAS...IF IT WASNT AND YOU DO THIS U ARE DEAD MEAT) do a full erase (theres really nothing to erase since you havent saved anything) and enter the palm profile as an existing customer with your normal account info.
    My problem last time was the fact that the "new device" and the old device werent on the same WebOS so when I tried to sinc it didnt find anything.

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