I have done some searching but haven't found this particular issue discussed. (apologies if already addressed).

Basically, I am getting tons of distortion on all audio with the Pre. This is through speaker, through headphones, through external speakers. It impacts Pandora, AccuRadio, Amazon MP3 samples, YouTube, etc. (I do need to try to load some music and test. I will update this post with my results).

What it sounds like is that the audio is being slowed down and is all wavery. Very noticeable with classical music. Kind of like a tape player or LP speeding up and slowing down. Makes radio nearly unlistenable.

One diagnosis problem for me is that I got a new Asurion Pre simultaneously with 1.3.5 last week. So I can't figure out if I have a defective Pre or if this will be remedied down the road.

Has anyone else experienced this? It almost seems like the processor is grinding at times, causing audio slowdown, but everything else seems as it did before in terms of startup lag.

Any thoughts?