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    There is an update finally on Preware which I assume came off of the PreCenral Feed. Not on Palm App Catalog yet as I write this...just thought everybody would want to know...sure took long enough...
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    ...should be on FileCoaster as well...
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    I am guessing the problem was due to hard coding the app path rather than using the API?
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    I do not know how to obtain the apps from PreCentral as of yet, but if doesn't show up in the App Catalog soon I may need to educate myself. I don't use Facebook so this has been very frustrating since I ran the Pre update last week just before going on a 3 day car ride - with no game!

    I thought the recent (1MB) Pre update posted today might fix it but apparently that just fixes an Exchange calendar synching issue.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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