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    just delete the accounts, and add them again using automatic settings

    (my yahoo account for sbcglobal put in palm.imap.ect.ect and I got an email from yahoo just after saying my account was linked)
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    will try to delete and resync. not gettting my hopes us yet. mine works now when i tell it to update. otherwise i don't get email till i hit refresh.

    edit: just got an email from Yahoo saying "You have successfully linked your account with Palm Synergy." I never got this before so it sounds promising.
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    Same here: deleted and reconnected, and got the same Yahoo! message. I'm certain I never got this previously. If I had to guess, I'd say it was added when more official Yahoo! support was added with 1.3.1.
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    OK now all my yahoo email contacts are in my phone contacts list and i can't delete any of them. This is the most dis organized phone I've ever had. i have hundreds of contacts that i don't need or want.

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