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    It's amazing how I see and resd the stories about people going through prels like water and I'm still on my first. The only problem I ever had wit my pre wasn't even wit the pre it's self. My usb wire broke and I replaced that with a new one but that's about it. How many more people are on their first Pre? Even if ur not what # pre are you on?
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    I'm still on my first pre since launch day here in germany.
    It even fell twice :P
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    I'm still on Pre #1 as well - got it in July. Loving it (except for small gripes).
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    Yea I meant to say that I to has had my pre since launch day here in the US.
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    I am on still on Pre 1. ( for 2010)
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    I'm still on my first Pre, which I got in June. The only physical probs I have with it are the oreo, and my usb port cover fell off into my hand two days ago, when I was gonna charge it.
    It really should not be an amazing feat for a phone to last six months, yet ppl are already on their 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Pres.
    I doubt that ppl have had to replace other phones as often as this one.
    Hopefully the next phone from Palm will be built better.
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    I am still on my first pre since launch day. I have dropped it more than any other phone I have ever owned. . . And it does have costmetic damage ut it works like a charm. . . My old moto q would start malfunctioning after a few drops. . . This pre has taken a couple of faceplants (screen :-D). . . Loving this phone
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    ON my first pre, 4 months now...Plan to have it at least a year(when I can get the latest and greatest)
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    Im still on my first Pre as well, been dropped a cpl of time too...oops... Wife dropped heres once, now she is on second pre
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    Still on my first Pre bought on day one from Sprint Store and still enjoying it. I only wish it was a GSM phone as I spend time in France throughout the year
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    still on my first. Only prob i ever had was a bit of the oreo effect/usb door crack. The crack reached my screen but i dunno.. doesn't really bother me that much. I dropped it on all kinds of surfaces .. including concrete.. my pre is still tickin. Its one tuff SOB :P
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    Still going strong with my Launch Day Pre...
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    +1 on that. Had my Pre since the middle of May (advocate device) and ive put it through hell and back, and its still running great. Only issue was the USB door came off, but i use the TS anyway so its not that big of a deal.
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    Still have my first one from launch day and I've dropped it more times then I like to remember. Working fine.
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    Still on my first. Had it since June. The only problem I've had is it getting stuck in headset mode. The q-tip fix has mostly cleared that up. Had to plug/unplug a pair of headphones once or twice since then.
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    it's basically my job that kills my pre's.... i work at a saw mill and i bet u can guess what kills my pre. anywhoser i have hacked everyone of my pre's before but i havnt been able to pull it off this time anyone help please i have webos doctor and quickinstall for the latest webos update. but my quick install says cant find device hit ok and connect your device. so help someone pleasse.... oh and yeah i have dev mode enabled. and on my 5th Pre
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    These threads are so out of style.

    Didn't you know that people here only like/want threads about how crappy they think the Pre build quality is and how they now have to switch to another phone?
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    I am still on my one and only pre as well. Still loving it!
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    still on my launch day pre as well.. i'm actually hoping mine somehow becomes defective so i can get a shiney new one!
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    I am on my second pre. I have to say the only reason I had to get a second phone was fully my own fault. I forgot my pin so after three or four tries the phone wiped clean and the sprint store had to get me another phone. By the way I got it within 2 hours of walking into the store. I have not had the build quality issues on either phone that others complain about. That's not to say they don't have a right to complain if they need to get there phone replaced more than 3 times do to a faulty product. I am wondering if this quality issue is more location based.
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