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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    The universe says, "Stop that!"
    This gave me a quality chuckle, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I appreciate the devlopers as well. In fact I do it with my wallet.

    That being said I just want to point out that I disagree with the OP that there were issues with 1.3.5. The fact is that it was a clean update (save the EAS bug). The issues came from the fact that people did not read instructions and remove patches and themes before updating. This has happened every update since patches were invented.
    Just wanted to clarify, 1.3.5 was the best update yet in my opinion, but there were issues with preware and the package manager service. Even if you uninstalled all patches some things still acted wonky on the homebrew front. The devs of these apps and many people on this forum were very quick to help each other. In reading the looooong threads about 1.3.5 I would see one person after another helping someone else out.

    Its just nice to see this community being what it must have been like before the Pre. I joined during the Pre hype and there was ALOT of animosity, arguments, flaming and trolling. This update shows that much of that stuff is gone and its just people helping each other.
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