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    i'm trying to find the correlation between the cracked screen near the usb charger and the way people open it.

    i'ved noticed that people who have the screen cracked where the usb charger is have been picking at the door to open it. I in the other hand always slide the phone open and open the door that way.

    So from what i see it's safe to assume that the crack is coming from people who are picking the door open instead of slidding the phone up.

    my questions is, if your screen is cracked, did you try to pick it open?
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    I pick, no crack (so far)
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    I pick my -- oh nevermind. I always slide open and slip my fingernail between the door and the back side of the frame. The pain in the rear usb cover was part of what finally drove me to buy a Touchstone (that and the sale price)
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    oh snap I have a crack goin across starting from the usb and it's chipped at the port, great now I can blame manufacture probllem for this...I hope
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    there's a previous thread on this type of crack. Sprint wants nothing to do with this problem unless you want to use insurance, try giving palm a call (408)617-7700.
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    from what i've seen looks like poor design.. i still prefer the design on the blackberry best where you use like ruberized ends and leave the usb port open.
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    I actually like the design on the Pixi's usb door over the Pre's, but having said that, sliding the Pre open in order to plug in the usb cable is the way I do it just to be safe.
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    I use to pick at first but it started to get annoying. I started using the slide out method but I still have a crack developing. I just hope it doesn't develop any further
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    I had this exact "screen crack emanating from the USB port" problem, to the point where the "cover" had completely fallen out of the USB port and was lost, and the crack started to spread around to the front of the screen.

    As by the playbook, Sprint denied it was a build quality problem (even though this was my third Pre).

    After tussling with the manager a bit, I got them to agree to credit back half the $100 deductible through Asurion, so I'm out only $50 but now have my fourth Pre -- and hopefully it will last awhile.

    It's interesting to find I'm not the only one with this problem. I think they need to call it what it is -- another build quality issue.

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    if you are too lazy to slide the pre open.. then your prolly going to get cracks from prying... lazy lazy lazy, then blame it on build quality
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    I always slide out the keyboard to open the USB door so that does not seem to be the cause of the crack near the USB door.
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    I slide open to use the usb port and still have the crack on the side. I only use the usb for car charging or when using WebOs Quick install since I have the touchstone for charging.
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    I have a contact charger so I have rarely even opened my usb port cover. I ended up with a cracked screen and I believe it is due to the design of the slide screen frame.

    The frame weakness in the cut out area (allowing for the usb port cover) of the border design - this lack of a solid frame would have to create a weakness in the frame so if the phone is dropped or has any impact directly on the surface of the screen (within reason) or on either side it would have to crack at that particular weakness in the frame.

    In my case the phone was in my laptop bag (standing upright as opposed to laying on its side), I did not realize my phone was in the bottom of the bag, and I gently slid my laptop into the bag and, without realizing it, on top of my phone. The slide screen cracked at the corner of the usb opening even though the weight of the laptop had landed on the face of the slide screen.

    I would be curious if the other 3 sides of the screen (with no cut out) have ever cracked on the phone from other than direct impact with force on that particular side.
    My theory is it has not because the impact from the force would disburse along the length of the side with no weak area.

    I am an accountant - not an engineer but with accounting you have to be logical-

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