Well my wife got her pre and setup everything on it. She then went into the app catalog and setup the card information and it asks for an email address to send the receipts to. Well she put in my email because I keep track of the finances.

Well palm then decides that since she put in my email address that I got a new phone and it changed my profile to her phone number on palms website. I hope this makes sense. Well realizing what happened she then changed the email back to her email address. So I went to log into my account on palms website and it appears that my profile has been deleted. It also told me on my phone that I have no profile anymore LOL. And then it reboots and goes back to the initial setup screen. I call palm to figure out why they would do this. Iím told that my entire profile is unrecoverable. Bookmarks, Contacts, memoís, purchased apps EVERYTHING.

Iím not really concerned about contacts because I had them backed up on gmail. But my memoís, bookmarks, and paid apps. I was then told that I would have to purchase my apps all over again. I told the guy heís fíing crazy if he thinks Iím buying them over again. Thatís like me buying a car, taking it in for service and them losing it and say welp looks like youíre going to have to buy another one. This is just hilariously bad customer service. Iím then told that because of inconvenience that I can get 25% off of any accessory. I was on the phone for a total of 2 hours and got no where. So I just created a new profile and got my contacts back. Iím waiting to talk to the corporate office today because the Indian arsehole did absolutely nothing for me and Iím going to try and get them to look up all my purchases from the app store and give me credit for them or something. So a word to the wise. Donít to this.