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    My phone doesn't seem to do much right since 1.3.5 last week:

    - the Exchange calendar issue that multiple people have noted
    - Gmail seems to endlessly try to sync and sometimes never get new mail
    - I rarely get a 3G signal and I live somewhere where I've never not had one before
    - battery randomly drains really fast (though not always)

    I've tried the calendar work around, but I've had to re-boot for other problems and each time I re-boot the calendar disappears (as others have noted it would). The 3G and Gmail issues are particularly frustrating. Basically, my Pre is completely unreliable at this point.

    Any help? Thanks!

    Oh, and if this matters -- I have nothing out of the ordinary on my phone, have done nothing to personalize it other than adding my Exchange and Gmail accounts. It's just a regular run of the mill Pre that now is pretty worthless after the 1.3.5 update.
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    Try removing your Exchange account. (may have to try 10 or so times)
    Sounds a lot like the problem I'm having, all works fine once exchange has been removed.
    I have a ticket open w/ Palm about this, trying to gather more info.
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    Calendar is gone after downloading update 1.3.5 - Synergy (webOS) - Palm Support Community

    The workaround works for me, but if I leave network time on, at some point the calendar gets emptied again.

    Also, I have found that recurring events stopped showing up after 1/1
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    Would WebOS Doctor possibly fix some of these things?

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