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    Ha yay me after all day i finally got the thing workin!!!! =) im on it right now... So thanks all =)

    and to all our devs keep up the amazing progress!!!! =)

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    I'm glad you can tether now. How did you end up making it work?
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    Can you please share the steps with the rest of community...
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    yes please
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    it may have really just been a stroke of luck. i uninstalled tether, re rooted and reinstalled it, i reinstalled the RNDIS cuz when my pre came up on the PC it said it had issues installing, i then selected the RNDIS driver that hadnt installed and installed it manually as drawn out in the old directions for XP by those gumstix guys and then rebooted the phone and it worked...howwwwwever, my BT connection is not wanting to work, not sure as to why but i can live with that.....
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    Thanks for the quick run down but would you mind posting links, threads and specifics? It would be a great return to the community that helped you. I know having one thread with a consolidated how-to would be excellent.
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    Speaking of solving problems, I was having problems connecting MyTether and MyMac to the internet through BlueTooth. I was making a good Bluetooth connection, but then couldn't get online. I noticed that there wasn't a data symbol on my Pre (neither EVDO or 1x) so I downloaded a patch that allows you to toggle data on and off, toggled it and bang I was in business)

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