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    I'm looking at getting a new cell phone within the next month or two. I'll probably end up getting two (probably different phones [on different providers]) as I'll be using one as a cheaper "work line" of sorts.

    I've been keeping up to date on what's been going on in the cell phone world the past few years. Current contenders for my choice seem to be the high end cell phones for each OS (HTC TouchPro2 for Windows Mobile, or something similar in other mobile OS's). Last year I was originally looking at getting the Xperia X1 (loved the styling, even had the money set aside, but Sony apparently sucks at getting anything to market on time...and by the time they did, Snapdragon was killing the X1 by comparison).

    I was originally looking at Windows Mobile primarily because of the flexibility - cooked ROMs, all that goodness. I like to be able to customize my cell phone as much as possible.

    Which leads into my question. The last cell phone I had was pretty great for a featurephone, Sony, 5MP candybar. Had most of the basics, but I got really, really annoyed that I could set individual ringtones for my contacts, but not individual TEXT ringtones for each contact.

    So question #1, can the Palm Pre (which is currently, pre-CES2010, WebOS's best phone imo) set individual text message ringtones? Are there any ringtone issues I might want to know about while making my decision whether or not to go with WebOS?

    My second question, and I actually got some mixed information when I Googled this, thus my real reason for posting to this forum (to people who actually use the Pre, seems like the best place to fact check).

    Generally ringtones are in one of three formats; MIDI (a little older, simpler style of ringtone, generally instrumental), MP3 (compressed audio), and WAV (simply, uncompressed mp3/audio, the added bonus is that they can also be lossless since most cell phones to my knowledge can't play FLAC files as ringtones).

    Just about everything I've ever used that can play MP3's can play WAVs. But I actually read online (yes, I'm double checking here at this forum, as the "don't believe everything you read, especially online" saying goes) that the Palm Pre can't play WAV files as ringtones. Someone please tell me this isn't true.

    I'll be honest, even if I had 100 ringtones (not complete songs, but cut-down, shortened clips from songs) as uncompressed WAVs, I can't imagine it taking up that much space on any modern smartphone's memory. I'd be totally fine leaving my custom made ringtones as WAVs rather than adding the extra step (and quality loss, since all my music is in lossless FLAC, I know the quality loss to mp3 probably won't be noticeable through a phone's speaker, but in my case the conversion process would actually add an extra step).

    Really two simple questions, the lengthy explanations were more to ward off people responding with "*** why don't you just make them mp3s and be happy with it."

    It seems like such a simple feature set that any modern smartphone OS should include by default these days. Customizable ringtones, customizable text message ringtones (both assignable to individual contacts), and at least being capable of playing MIDIs, MP3s, and WAV files as ringtones. It's really not asking for the moon here. It's not like I'm asking for something more obscure like FLAC support up front.

    Anyway, if someone could answer those two questions for me, that would be really awesome of you. I'm actually looking for information right now as to whether the Android OS and Windows Mobile support those same features as well. Right now, I think my primary phones that I'm deciding between are the HTC TouchPro2 (Windows Mobile), Verizon/Motorola's DROID (Android), and Palm's Pre (WebOS). As you can tell, for my primary phone (which actually wouldn't be the work line), I prefer a full QWERTY keyboard, preferably landscape so the keys are bigger/wider and easier to type on. That's another reason why I'm not considering a BlackBerry (portrait keyboard). For mobile web-browsing purposes, the bigger the touchscreen the better IMO, another reason for not even looking BlackBerry's way. So full touchscreen + slideout keyboard are kind of the minimum requirements for the physical hardware on the device I'm looking for.

    For the record, I have a good enough memory that even if I have individual ringtones for 50 different contacts, I custom make ALL my ringtones specifically for each individual contact. That way if my best friend calls, when I hear a certain song, I know it's him before I even take the phone out of my pocket. For the opposite side of that, if I know it's someone I don't want to talk to, I can reach in my pocket and just send the call to voicemail without removing the phone and even looking at the screen. The whole reason for the setup I'm looking for, is for small efficiencies like that.
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    Hahaha, here's hoping that "yes" is meaning that the Palm Pre's got me covered on all those details.
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    all jokes aside, you can install a homebrew patch that will allow you to set individual tones for each contact.

    out of the box, all you can do is make mass changes regarding phone, messages, system alerts.

    and WAV is supported for ringtones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    all jokes aside, you can install a homebrew patch that will allow you to set individual tones for each contact.

    out of the box, all you can do is make mass changes regarding phone, messages, system alerts.

    and WAV is supported for ringtones.
    More specific, with the patch called "SMS Tones per Contact" you can have a different ringtone for system messages, alerts and messaging. And, as the name implies, a different tone for specific contacts.

    However, you CANNOT have a different tone for SMS and IM. That tone is the same whether and SMS, AOL, Yahoo or GoogleTalk IM.

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