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    Over the past few days, since at least 1/31/09 I haven't been able to send or receive MMS messages. I send them and no error comes up on my phone, but they are also never received. Similarly, people send MMS messages to me and they are never received.

    I have this problem sending/receiving both to/from Verizon and to/from Sprint.
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    I experienced exactly the same.
    I also had the same problem when I tried my Pre the very first time.

    Just like then, I didn't accept that and kept sending MMS and SMS messages back and forth between Pre and another MMS phone.
    At first neither one of the phones received MMS but SMS got through all the time.
    Then, suddenly, after half an hour or so, both phones started a beeping concert as all the MMS messages sent earlier arrived in one burst.

    Now MMS works normally. I don't know if this kind of "message therapy" helps you at all, and after a dozen messages or so, you could be quite confident you really should look after another solution.

    Oh, I forgot to mention I have German O2 unlocked GSM Pre (Qwertz), carrier Sonera, Finland.
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