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    so my brother and I both have the Pre. My Pre has patches all over and has been rooted and so forth. His Pre has never been tampered with. Since the new update his Pre is not getting any signal. The wi-fi signal is low and it just went into roaming. He is currently sitting right next to me with no wi-fi and roaming while I have a strong wi-fi signal and 3 bars on EV-DO. Has anyone seen this issue before?. This is the first since he has had the phone. Both of us have launch day Pre's and were one and two here at our local store. We never have dropped calls but since the update he says he is dropping every other call. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    i had issues also mine would loose signal when it was idle i did a full erase and mines good to go now i dont know if that will help you but thats what i did
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    we just downloaded the latest webos doctor. Was it a full doctor you did or was it just a full erase?

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