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    I live in the US and I use TMobile as a cell carrier... I am looking to buy a palm pre gsm unlocked for about $450-$500(US) where should I look to get one this price? Ebay has them all for abou $700, I would like to find it for less then that. Any suggestions?
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    for that price I think your best option is to buy a locked Pre and use a rebel sim.
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    i got the palm pre unlocked qwertz from berryaccessories in ebay and i am happy with it. $700 with shipping. they have sold a lot of these. I bought one of those in ebay selling for $550, but never got the phone. I think it was a hoax. Had a good refund though.
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    If i use a rebel sim, will all the features still work? For example the app catalog, or future fimware updates? what to do you think about this one... Palm Pre de Movistar a estrenar on eBay (end time 11-Jan-10 08:17:33 GMT)

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