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    I am awaiting my 3rd Pre. First one got a usb stress crack going 1in. into the screen. The refurb phone Sprint gave me to replace that I've had for 2 weeks. A couple days ago the volume up button stopped working and today, it is just stuck on volume up, as if you are pressing volume up all the time. They ordered me another refurb that should be in middle of next week.
    I am only 3 months into my 2 yr. contract. Am I doomed to spend it going through refurbished phones? Having spent a lot of money on a new Pre, I feel a bit cheated having to take refurbished phones because of poor build quality which doesn't seem to be corrected with the refurbished phones. What is the track record for other people and their refurbs?
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    It is really luck of the draw, kind of like with the nasty Xbox 360 refurb cycle. Some people get lucky with 1, while others go through 8+. I recently got a refurb phone that is near perfect other than slight light bleeding on the bottom of the screen. However, my refurb phone before that had big light bleeding in the bottom left corner and started to develop the usb port stress cracks. My first phone actually had no defects other than minor light bleeding, but Sprint/Palm bricked the phone when they tried to port my number over from Verizon ;p. So I have had 2 good phones, 1 crappy one.
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    I was told by Sprint that replacement phones are not used but phones that go back through the line to correct some assembly anomaly.

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    That is correct, refurbished phones does not mean that they have been broken before and then fixed. I live 5 miles from Sprint Corporate HQ and have friends that work there. One of them is in charge of refurbished phones. If you would buy a phone and then take it back within the 30 days for a return, that phone would then be listed as refurbished. The phones are taken through a hardware and software check before they are re-sold...
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    It is a gray area. People could be returning it because of something it doesn't do properly - or if it is taken off the line for an anamoly, that would be something not right with it.
    Hopefully Palm has realized some of the frequently occoring hardware problems like stress cracks, and failing volume buttons, and power switches, etc. So you would think that new phones would improved parts or manufacturing processes to correct these problems.
    But since we are not getting new phones, I have to wonder what the quality is of the phones they are giving me as 'refurbished'.
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    I had some locking up issues and my power button stopped working. Sprint gave me a refurb and I've had no issues with it.
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    I am on my fourth refurbished phone. First one, would not pull up the camera when I clicked on the app. Froze and had to be closed. Second one had a bad microphone and no one could hear me when I would call anyone. Third one just scrambled when 1.3.5 came out. Could not WebOS doctor or anything and had to return. On fourth. It seems to be working fine, but have only had it a couple days.
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    Got a refurb as a replacement for my touch pro. Unfortunately, the mic is broke so I'm going on to number two. I'd love not to leave the store until I've thoroughly checked this next phone. How bout a roll call of frequent issues with these phones. If I get another bad phone I will be given a new phone (Via sprint manager).
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    I'm going on pre #3. Launch day pre lasted until 1.35. The refurb has a problem with proximity sensore. Once the screen goes blank during call I have to remove the battery to get it back to normal.
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    I'm on pre #3. On my first one the speakerphone speaker went out, the second i believe was a refurb because it seemed to have all the issues of the 1st gen phones. After 2 wks the keyboard finally quit and now i'm on my 3rd. This one seems fine an I like the pre so much it doesn't really bother me much.
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    I'm on my 5th Pre and the 4th that actually failed (I broke one of them myself). They were ALL brand new, even the one Assurion sent me, until now. The one I have, Pre #5 is a refurb. I hope it will be better.
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    My refurb's keyboard feels better then my 1st Pre. I guess because it might not be as used.

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