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    I rely on this phone to run my business, show up for appointments use my memo's. The only app I have downloaded that I love is LA Times. I never set up Preware or Homebrew since I figured Palm has enough on their hands without testing an update to see what happens to these NON PALM companies and applications. Sounds like some cool aps but not a geek to mess with them.

    In any case, I see the download just showed up on my phone but it is asking me to install? With a note about my battery must be charged with more than 30% remaining. DO I GET AN OPTION TO INSTALL? I am hoping it does not just install ITSELF when I charge on touchstone tonight since I cannot afford to learn Web dr etc. I need this phone fully operational and all hands on deck for the first monday of the year.

    So any other business users who bought a Pre within last six months, downloaded 1.3.5 with a positive experience. I could use faster app opening times --my biggest gripe is the LAG also need better sound notification.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    if you don't want it to install on its own, you're going to have to do stuff more complicated than it sounds like you're ready to do. My advice would be to do the update, making sure you've backed up everything you need to google or exchange and to outlook or thunderbird. It's really not that complicated to do. The update goes smoothly for mostly everyone and has been a very pleasant upgrade. Just make sure you have a close to full battery or have your pre plugged in. You'll be fine.
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    OK thanks for advice. I am using Google for contact backups and still have my treo 750 and desktop software since Pre less than 90 day old. I would be able to recover everything on phone fairly easy assuming palm cloud back up failed. I migrated my contacts to google with the Palm conversion app. Next up my Outlook info since now I can get on one contact system and calender system via Google. I know google is being attacked by Nigerians etc to try and steal info or for spoofing their scam letters. Why I delete any doc that has any personal or password info.
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    I just bought mine and updated after 1 day.
    First I think it was 131 then another update to 135.
    The next morning it froze while on the web.
    I had to take the battery out.
    It then ran fine, but battery drained in about 8 hours.
    Next day the battery still 65% after 12 hours
    After 2 more days no issues and the battery is great.(turned off push email and set to manual)
    Best phone Ive ever had.I used it for business yesterday,bidding on the phone for a very important auction.
    Im probably going to keep it stock,as I fear any side effects from homebrews.
    Ive been soft resetting each day as a precaution.
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    Update regarding 1.3.5 upgrade. I stopped the upgrade from happening by not allowing the upgrade to proceed every time I charged during last few days after reading the horror stories on this blog. Well sometime this am, the PRE just upgraded itself anyhow. So I was very nervous my calendering would be lost. What I found was everything worked fine and the App Lag--memo and messaging seem to go faster. This maybe old news but I am also not going to mess with Preware or Homebrew since it sounds like these messed up the upgrades. I have not downloaded an app or verified my google contact count -I added two from a meeting yesterday so will check.

    My buddy owns a couple Sprint stores and sent me the following. I have not seen this new update hit my PRE yet.

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Action Required
    2010 Calendar Fix for Palm Pre and Pixi Customers
    If customers did any of the following on their Palm Pre or Pixi after the New Year (after 00:00:01 a.m. on 01/01/10) then their device EAS Calendars will be missing all meeting makers. EAS Calendar meetings will not disappear from computer Outlook EAS application(s).
    • webOS software update to any webOS versions
    • Manual reset (including battery removal)
    • Power cycle or full power-down (customer performed or system reboot)
    Sprint will be releasing a software update in the next 24 to 48 hours ( webOS) that will fix the calendar issue. Stay tuned to the News for software update availability.
    Workaround Prior to Software Update
    To fix the calendar issue prior to release of the software update follow the steps below:
    1. Open the Calendar application:
    • Go to Calendar menu (upper left) and choose "Preferences & Accounts"
    • Scroll down to ACCOUNTS. Tap Exchange and "Remove Account" and tap "Remove Calendar Account" again.
    2. Open the "Date & Time" preferences application:
    • Set the preference "Network Time" to Off
    • Set the date to December 31, 2009 – changing first the year and then the month and day.
    • Set the "Network Time Zone" to Off
    3. Open the Calendar application:
    • Tap "Add An Account" and input the account information to re-establish the EAS/Exchange account.
    4. Open the "Date & Time" preferences application:
    • Select the preference "Network Time" to On
    • Set the "Network Time Zone" to On
    • Close the "Date & Time" application
    5. Go back into the Calendar application and all meeting events will be populated.

    NASC Missing Unit Chargeback Voucher Comments Include PTNs
    Starting with items dated 12/24/09, missing handset chargeback vouchers in NASC will include the PTN related to the relevant work order. The handset ESN and work order number are already listed in that section.

    This Message is Distributed to: Regional Service & Repair Managers, Service & Repair Support Specialists, Corporate Staff, and ASCs
    Sprint ASC News
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    Update to

    It fixes the problem, you don't need to do the work around. This was a patch just released by Palm a day or two ago.
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    And to finish the process, turning off Network Time Zone and manually setting it will ensure that your Pre-entered events sync to Exchange. {Jonathan}

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