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    I used vozMe to change text into an mp3. My phone speaks to me in a female voice when I have an email or message.

    email = "You have new mail"
    texts = "You have a new message"

    Easy to distinguish my alerts. Sounds cool too. I plan to make more sometime as I find apps that allow custon alerts.

    EDIT: Forgot to download the mp3 you need to use the patch that dl's rather than stream.
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    ive got the masked man saying 'PALM" as my text message
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    I recently added the disneyland whistle sound that is made as you pass through the turnstile as my text message sound. Simple and effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    Is it a good quality one? Where did you find it?
    It isn't bad. Loud too. Unfortunately, I've had it for some time now and don't remember where I got it from.

    Nevertheless, I attached it.
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    I have the original Star Trek sounds for alerts. Communicator for email, another communicator sound for text, and red alert for alarm. My Wife uses the Kim Possible Kimunicator sound for texts and it gets noticed when it goes off. Really cute.
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    I have
    Destination by renard as my Alarm.
    I use a breakdown in Between the lines by The Ghost Inside.
    Lastly i use the sound effect from the sonic video games, when you pick up a ring. as my sms notification.
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    Email: CrankYankers' Special Ed screaming "YAY! I got mail!! YAYYYYYYYYY"
    sms: Jetsons Doorbell

    I would have put them in here, but I only have WINRAR for a compression tool which isn't accepted here. Somebody suggest an easy(or good) zip/unzip and I can throw them up later.
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