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    Do you mind giving a link for the Gears sounds?
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    I am using the teen repellent 14 khz sound!. . . Most of the time I can only hear it
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    Use the One Up from Super Mario for texts, Use "Intermission" by the Offspring for ringer
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    There's a homebrew patch that allows for a custom tone for calls from people not in your contacts. You would set a default ring - that's what you'd hear for folks in your contact, and use the patch for the others.
    Thanks if you find this patch please post here.
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    IM: Clip from double rainbow guy.. "oh my god... it's a.. double rainbow!"
    Email: generic ring
    voicemail: vibrate
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    Quote Originally Posted by iyamsteve View Post
    Thanks if you find this patch please post here.
    It's in Preware, all you have to do is look for it and install it!
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    mine is the trophy achieved sound from the playstation 3
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    Landing Bleep from the TARDIS

    It works really well with the pre because of the way the blink notifications look.
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    Sms dying for text,Crank ringtone for calls.
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    I use the Achievement Unlocked sound from the XBox 360 for SMS and Notifications. Clumsy by Our Lady of Peace, but this might get changed to Dead Space's version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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    The doink sound from Law & Order. Get alot of sounds right from the site. Downloads right to the phone. (with the MultiMod patch) Sometimes the page gets difficult to navigate w/ all that pinch & zoom, but they are free for all to download.
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    I've got one called SMSring for my email, don't remember where I got it, had it on several phones now, I just save the file and keep adding it to new phones. I used MP3gain to raise the volume of it, since it was far too quiet on the Pre and I sometimes missed the notification.

    The iPhone SMS for texts and

    S.E.X. by Nickelback as my ringtone......although that seems a little weird when my dad calls!
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    Every Sound That My Phone Makes Has The Super Mario Bros' Theme

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    I use South Park’s "You've got Mail" for my AOL, the Yahoo Yodel for my Yahoo, and the Road Runner's "Beep, Beep" for my Time Warner RR. I use tweety for my Bad Kitty and some random "Text Message" for my sms. I got an app from the app catalogue that lets you select customised messages for relations and friends. For instance, when my dad calls, it says, "Your dad is trying to reach you on your cellular device". (Hmm, that explains my low battery life)

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    All mine's are videogame ringtone is currently the theme from No More Heroes, my email notification is the Glory Fanfare from FFXIII, and my text/twitter alert is Midna from LoZ: Twilight Princess. 'bout to hack into the Persona 3 disc and get some of the sounds from there to use.
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    Homer's 'Doh!' for SMS.
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    alert bubbles for bad kitty

    incoming transmission for sms

    gmail 1, I am optimus prime

    gmail 2, excuse me darling

    time warner mail, roadrunner beep

    yahoo mail, yahoo yodel

    system sounds, rooster cluck

    alerts, wolf howling

    ringtone for wife is girl having an ******... Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRol View Post
    Homer's 'Doh!' for SMS.
    Is it a good quality one? Where did you find it?
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    I remember once when I had the LG Rumor, I hadn't changed the default SMS sound. I was sitting at the club I was a member of, having a beer and heard the notification alert, grabbed my phone off the bar to check and saw 10 other people also grabbing their phones, because all were on the same alert sound.

    Changed mine ever since! LOL
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