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    I have had the pre about 1 month after it came out. A few days ago I noticed a crack from the USB door that has now crawled onto the screen. Since I did have the insurance I went to Sprint (NO HELP AT ALL) then called the insurance people.

    They said a new phone would be sent arriving tomorrow. I have backed the USB information onto a stick as well as my laptop. Is there anymore back up I need to do or will the PALM PROFILE pull everything into the new phoneI did ask them if this would be a refurb or a new phone and they said a new phone. Does anyone know how I can make sure it is a new phone?

    Any suggestions on how to prevent this crack from happening again? Some of posts in the forum on the Palm support site said that PALM gave them back the $100.00 deductiable due to this being a known problem. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks guys
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    doubtful of palm giving the money for the 100 deductible but yes the palm profile backs up contacts memos apps and emails so no worries though i would recommend backing up your contacts to google

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