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    I think I found another problem. Auto backup stopped on 1/1/2010. My last backup was on 12/31/2009.

    It seems Palm has some problem keeping dates straight after the new year. A mini Y2K problem?

    Anyway, I want to see anyone else has the same problem and what happened, before I try a forced backup.
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    Just checked mine, "Last backup 1/2/10 8:05 PM"
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    Thanks. I just forced an update. I will see if the problem persists.
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    My automatic backup has quit twice over the past 6+ months and forcing a backup was not enough to get it started again. I had to turn off backup and enable it again to get it to back up automatically again.
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    My last back up was today, auto. Maybe because my unit is newly activated.
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    I had regular automatic backups until 1.3.1 came down the pipe, then they stopped. I was able to solve the issue by following the direction of another poster; where you turn off the backup option, allow the device to delete the stored backup data, then turn backup back on. Since I did that the automatic backups have occurred every morning, and continued on through the 1.3.5 update.
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    Hey...after reading your posts, I checked my Pre' and my last back up was on 12-4-09!!!!!
    Can anybody walk me thru the process of doing the manual back up myself?
    I'm not very tech is there any chance of me losing any data stored on the phone when I do this????
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    I'm not sure what Automatic Backup does. I upgraded, properly, to 1.3.5 on New Year's Eve. Phone failed, had to doctor. Wouldn't update all night, said I was in Roam (wasn't), next morning, had to upgrade to 1.3.5 again. Signed on Palm Profile. About 10% of my contacts came thru, 25% of my calendar, etc., etc., you get the drift.

    Not looking forward to another upgrade, see no benefits from this one.
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    Palm's automatic backup doesn't backup every day for me. It only works when I manually backup my profile. I've tried turning it off & on, but doesn't help. Did anyon ever find a fix?
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    I have the same issue, and even when I try to do a manual back up, probably about 80% of the time, it says "preparing" and nothing happens (yes I do have Wifi or EVDO enabled). So I end up flicking the back up card and trying again later (when I remember).
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    Well I doctored my phone & the nightly backup still isn't working. Anyone find a fix for this?
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    I still have nightly backups turned on & my last backup was 7/21...

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