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    Does anyone have any idea why a Pre would have problems connecting via a wifi signal repeater?

    I have a Linksys router in my study at one end of the house and a Linksys access point (set up as a signal repeater) about 3/4 of the distance to the master bedroom. My Tivo shows 92 - 100% signal strength in the mbr and any of my laptops will show 4 (our of 5) bars. Yet, the Pre will not connect from the mbr -- showing "association failed". It connects without difficulty from the study or anywhere it can pick of the signal directly from the router.

    At times, if I turn on the wifi while in my study and then move to the mbr, the wifi will work, while at other times it will not.

    Quite frustrating, particularly in light of the fact that we only have 1X service here in West Texas. (Although I was told by two Sprint reps this week that we should have EVDO "by the end of February").
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    sorry for the unhealpful post but I just wanted to comment. Around thanksgiving I went down to west Texas to visit my family (were from Abilene), and was surprised at the lack of EVDO ANYWHERE! The only place I had EVDO was in Dallas when I flew in. I guess I'm just spoiled here in northern VA, there is EVDO almost everywhere in VA and surrounding states.
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    I would suggest resetting your router and repeater. I get the association failed messege via wifi at my house too. I however do not own a repeater. I just reset my router, and it connects no problem. My home PC is always connected via wifi, and my zune will also connect when my PRE says "association failed". So it is definatly something with the way the pre handles wifi. However, resetting has not failed me yet. I hope it works for you.
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    Any chance you set up a MAC restriction on the repeater?
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    try one of the other firmwares out the (dd-wrt or tomato)?
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    Thanks all for the responses.

    No, it is not a MAC restriction problem. The problem seems to be in the Pre as mentioned by breakinghbts.

    I'm getting close to chucking the whole thing and getting an iPhone. Certainly will if Sprint doesn't give us EVDO by early March. I'm paying the same price for service as people who have EVDO and can actually USE their data plan! Constantly having to reset either my router or repeater or both is just not a viable option.

    And anywhere there are Marines there is Chaos ;-)
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    I just thought I'd give an update on this in case anyone else is having the same problem. After downloading several programs to my laptop to check on my wifi signal strength I noticed that one of them (Xirrus Wifi Inspector) was showing the same signal strength as the others but not listing the SSID.

    I had the SSID broadcast off on the repeater which didn't cause any problem with my laptops or my TiVo but apparently did with my Pre. After enabling SSID broadcast on the repeater my Pre works great in the bedroom.

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